• Luxury 4D Baby Scan Package
  • Luxury 4D Baby Scan Package
  • Luxury 4D Baby Scan Package

Luxury 4D Baby Scan Package

Suitable for  24 – 34 weeks of pregnancy

4D abdominal ultrasound scan approx 15 minutes

(All Bump to Bundle scans are non diagnostic).

Please Note:

There is a £25 surcharge for twins & multiple pregnancies due to the extra time required in the scan room. MOTHERS BEING SCANNED MUST BE 18 OR OVER.


As this is an abdominal scan it may be helpful to wear clothing that allows the sonographer easy access to your tummy region. We recommend attending your appointment with a full bladder if you are between 24-27 weeks. 


What happens is a problem is detected?

Whilst we do not wish to worry you about your pregnancy, sometimes there may be a problem detected that is completely unexpected. It is important for you to understand that if the sonographer believes there is a problem he/she has a ‘duty of care’ to tell you these findings with you in a sensitive way and provide you with as much information as he/she reasonably can.

If necessary and with your permission the sonographer will refer you back to your NHS provider for follow up care. 

Further Information:

If you would like to find out more about a Bump to Bundle VIP 4D scan package or you would like to book your scan you can do so by getting in touch with our friendly team.

Complete by ‘Booking Online’, call us or pop by our luxury studio. Alternatively, you can email us at 

If you have any difficulties when booking, please email us on the address above and we will help you get booked in.

  • £129.00