Bump to Bundle our business and our blog is born!

Hello to all the Mummies, Parents and anyone supporting Bump to Bundle.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy or should I say hectic (where children are involved) schedules to visit our store. 

We'll keep this one short and sweet.

Why Blog Now?

Well the answer is simple, our Bump to Bundle journey has been a long time coming, for a couple of years now our initial idea has grown and been nurtured, much like a little baby in mummy's tummy and we're finally nearing our due date (aka launch) and much like a new mummy or parent, we are filled with excitement, nerves and ready for a completely new experience and think a blog is the perfect way to document this journey.

Here at Bump to Bundle, we want to provide a very unique and personalised service, whether that's ensuring gift wrapping is completed to your requirements, welcoming you at our private studio for a scan or working together to create an event such as your baby shower. 

Our blog will aim to provide you with some insight into our thought processes, new exciting products being tested and generally how we're finding this new exciting experience.

Let the good times begin!

To be continued...