How Permanent is Laser Hair Removal?

Service providers such as dermatologists recommend people to have a laser hair treatment if they would go for some hair removal solutions. But, a lot of people are in doubts and are hesitant whether the results of this solution are effective and permanent. A lot of different individuals are skeptic about the solution of hair removal.

Laser hair removalTo clear up all hesitations, I must say that the results of the laser hair removal are permanent, and it should should depend on how the process was done and what are the different processes for it. The procedure must be done within the required limited sessions, and it must be based on the required session’s schedules so to reach the best possible results. According to service providers, it must be done regularly based on the sessions so to have effective results.

The answer to this question relies a great deal on understanding a good number of some key facts about how your body hair develops, and perhaps how laser hair evacuation functions.

How Does Hair Grow?

Hair develops from structures called follicles beneath your skin. The base develops in the follicle, and the segment of the hair that can be seen over your skin is known as the “pole” of the hair. Your body hair develops cyclically. At any one time, the hair in certainfollicles will be actively growing; other hairs will be dormant, and yet others will be in the process of shedding.

How Does permanent Laser Hair Removal Work?

Reduction of hair growth or even permanent removal is now possible for most skin and hair types. Laser hair reduction therapy works by targeting hair follicles under your skin. It is possible for the laser rays to hone in on your hair follicles because of the melanin these cells contain, which makes them darker than the surrounding tissues.

However, the result is that the efficacy of laser hair removal treatment is impacted by the contrast in color between your hair follicles and your skin. That is to say; it works most effectively if you have very light skin and very dark hair – where there is a strong contrast between the darkness of your hair follicles and the paleness of your surrounding skin tissues.

Even in ideal patients, however, the lasers do not do away with all of your hair. Why not? Because the lasers can only target actively growing hairs. As we learned earlier, only a certain proportion of your body hair in any one area will be currently growing. This is the reason why laser hair removal sessions are typically spaced several weeks apart – so that different follicles will be active at your next session, and can be effectively “zapped”. If visiting a surgery is not for you, then maybe a home laser or IPL hair removal machine may be better – articles like this one ( have plenty more details to help you.


As a result of the instrument by which laser hair evacuation works, while it might impair a noteworthy extent of the follicles it won’t bring about a hundred percent stoppage in all body hair growth in the treated area. However, an eighty percent decrease in hair is totally conceivable – lasting laser hair evacuation is a really feasible answer for undesirable hair development.